Your Personal Travel Vault -

Ever had your bags stolen while overseas just hours before you are to leave? Gone through the mess and hassle of trying to remember your travelers check numbers, airline reservations, and of course the real nightmare, your passport number and visa details?

Free Voice Mail -

New travel communications company,, has come up with a solution, giving you an easy and efficient way to gather all the information in one place. Which means those travelers checks, airline tickets and more importantly your passport and visas can be replaced much more quickly. The company's product, eKit, allows travelers to upload all their vital travel information online, before they go, in their super secure online Travel Vault. All you need to do is visit jetstreams.coma nd click on Roving Traveler under The Worldwide Communication Center to register for free and you gain access to the travel vault.

Gl;obal Phone Card -

eKit is a global phone card that provides a special blend of communication services and travel tools specifically designed from the ground up, for the global traveler. To make a call just charge your eKit account with your credit card and you can make budget international calls from over 50 countries, at up to 80% lower than pay phone or hotel rates. You also receive a free voicemail box and email address that you can access anywhere in the world via the Internet or over the phone. That means friends and family can decide to send you an email or voicemail at whatever time it suits them. There's no need for them to find out which hotel you are staying in, nor do they need worry about waking you at 3am due to time differences.

Integrating a global phone card with, free voicemail, free email and online travel assistance and information - eKit is the essential travel accessory for the global traveler.

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