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Second Decade of Bajan Jazz —
Barbados recently won honors at the 2003 World Travel Awards for: Caribbean's Leading Destination, along with 5 other top travel awards, and one of the best reasons to vaction in the "Gem of the Caribbean" is the annual Barbados Jazz Festival, held each January, and now in it's second decade.

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Toronto Jazz Heats Up - Specific clubs have had a tremendous influence in shaping the Toronto sond, which until th '90s was largely a mix of West Coast cool and trditional. Toronto has never been a hotbed for "smooth jazz", tending to focus on the roots of jazz and beyond. That's not to say the impact of fusion wasn't felt during its heyday.

The Barbados Jazz Festival - is set in the unique Farley Hill National Park. Listen to some jazz with headliner Dionne Warwick and other world class jazz artists. Join Kriss Hammond and his screed on the Bajan outpost for a week of festivities, and then a sail around the rum island. Did I mention a rum factory tour? Will our editor make it back alive and under the duty-free quota?


The 10th Annual Bajan Jazz Festival - Jarreau made himself familiar with every corner of the stage as he pranced about like a lion in a newly discovered forest. His hand and facial contortions emanate deep within coming from a place connecting heart with soul.

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Jumping Ship With a Musician - 64 Days at Sea - Bill King, Editor of gives us a two part series of his whimsical romp through the Caribbean as a musician on a cruise ship. We jump ship at every port and every opportunity with Bill to investigate what is really happening on the islands!

Musician's Log Book - Episode 2 - Bill Abandons ship in . . . Barbados, St. Vincent, Guadeloupe, St. Kitts, Serena Cay, Montego Bay, Jamaica, Celica and Cozumel, Mexico, Havana and Isla de Pinos, Cuba, and the Cayman Islands.

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Mountain Music Magic - Explore Park City for great restaurants, hotels, villas, lodges, and of course the ziplines, bob sleds, and in August each year, the jazz festival in the mountains.

The First Annual Lake Tahoe Jazz Festival - Traditional jazz fans gathered the week-end before Memorial Day for three days of their favorite music at the Inaugural Lake Tahoe Jazz Festival on five stages situated throughout Crystal Bay and Incline Village on Lake Tahoe's North Shore.

Jazz In a Las Vegas Park - It was the 11th Annual Las Vegas City of Lights Jazz Festival at Desert Breeze Park in Las Vegas, and Jetsetters Magazine was there.

The Playboy Jazz Festival - Celebrating 25 years of classic Jazz - the Hollywood Bowl came alive with the legendary master of Dave Brubeck, The Silver Anniversary show (the first major celebration in a year-long series of events commemorating the 50th anniversary of Playboy magazine), highlighted the entire spectrum of jazz, from straight ahead to contemporary, blues to big band, swing to salsa, and world music. The two-day affair includedd special anniversary tributes and the return of popular Festival favorites.

10th Annual City of Lights Jazz Festival - Everyone thinks of Paris as the city of lights, but Vegas can account to that claim in both the power of the Strip wattage, and the power of the jazz performers that makes this festival better each year.

Sin City Jazz Festival - It was spats and zoot suits at the 2nd Annual Jazz Festival, with 20 bands in ten venues under 2 million lights for three days of great fun, notalgia, neuralgia, and hoedowns with big band brass, blues, and even a little Dixieland thrown in.

Jazz at the Casino Ballroom - Catalina Island comes alive in October with the annual JazzTrak Festival in Avalon, in the world's largest circular ballroom, an art deco theatre and ballroom that has seen celebrities and artists from around the world dancing and playing. It will be a great time so jump ship with the Dirigo II and head over to the Channel Islands for cool jazz!

The Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival - What is the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival about? Hampton and Idaho seem such a far stretch yet there is a prosperous history dating back to 1985 when Hampton first performed and donated $15,000 towards a music scholarship program. Get in on the inside scoop.