Official Survivor II Tours

Spend your holidays with the Aborigines!

Want to experience the Survivor Outback without the backstabbing? Want to get up close and personal with nature, but not have to catch it for dinner? Think Tribal Council sounds fun but only if there’s no risk of being sent home?

Tropical Gear From Around The EquatorThen book your spot on the official Survivor II Outback Experience.

The producers of Survivor II and the owners of Goshen Station, the location for the TV series, officially sanction the outback-Australian tours. This tour is your only opportunity to visit the sites used by the Kucha and Ogakor tribes and explore the ancient countryside made famous in the series.

This eight-day adventure tour includes biking, canoeing and hiking the Savanna lands surrounding the mighty Herbert River of Tropical North Queensland.

Participants experience many of the challenges faced by Survivor II contestants, with ample time to make new friends, explore, relax and enjoy the unique environment. The tour guides have been selected for their environmental skills and in-depth knowledge of the region, the history and culture of the traditional Aboriginal owners, and the struggles of the first European settlers.

This Fascinating Experience Includes:

Mountain Biking to Blencoe Falls
Canoeing the Herbert River
Visits to the two tribal campsites
Night ‘spotlighting’ for native flora and fauna
Camping close to the Tribal Council rock (and holding your own Tribal Council)
Exploring remnant rainforest 300 million years old
Fishing for the famous Barramundi
Experiencing life on an Australian cattle station (ranch)

Tours depart Cairns every Sunday from 6 May to 18 November 2001, and are all-inclusive.

Cost: Approximately USD $1080 pp (Approximately $920 8-13 years – the last Sunday departure in any month is available for families with children as young as 8 years. The minimum age on all other tours is 14 years)

Inclusions: All meals from lunch on day one to lunch on day eight, basic accommodation and camping, all equipment for listed activities including camping gear, all safety equipment, FREE team bandanna and water bottle, transfers.

Three Day ‘National Parks Safari’
To Survivor Region

Get Your Outdoor Gear HereOne of Northern Australia’s premier adventure tourism operators, offers a three day/two night adventure tour of the region’s most spectacular National Parks, including the Herbert River area made famous by Survivor II.

The three day tour showcases the best of Tropical North Queensland including rafting on the Tully River, meeting the best of Australian wildlife on Hinchinbrook Island, a visit to the historic town of Ravenshoe and hiking the Herbert Gorge National Park and spectacular Blencoe Falls, adjacent to where Survivor II was filmed.

The tour is designed as an armchair safari with two nights accommodation in sleepy Cardwell, an old coastal town steeped in North Queensland history. Accommodation is either unit style or hostel dormitory.

Cost: Approximately USD$380pp

Inclusions: All transfers, equipment, accommodation and lunch on three days.

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