When the pavement sizzles in Vegas it is time to visit the green vales of Ireland — to test out some of the latest cool outdoors and sports equipment and apparel for summer, and then off to the boulder strewn Burren in western Ireland to really put the test in rugged high gear; the Burren was never conquered by Cromwell or the Vikings, testiment to toughness of the Irish terrain.

If you are a runner or cyclist you are a human propulsion system — a living breathing machine energized by the act of activity. InSport fabric conquers the problem of overheating.  I am amazed at the lightness of the InSport apparel line, which is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for three years from date of purchase. Heck, most of my gear gets such a workout that after three years it is ready to be replaced anyway! Click photos for gear details and orders.

InSport Fast Track Air Split - MensThe Frontrunner Air Split Short is made of quick drying polyester micro fiber, and it breathes. Much of InSport apparel is made of comfort stretch X-STATIC fabric that wicks moisture away from the body, thus inhibiting odor.  X-STATIC anti-odor technology is also thermodynamic and anti-static, thus regulating body temperature and reducing electrostatic discharge.

Insport Low Rise Split Short - WomensThe natural silver in the garment is what makes it antimicrobial. Silver has the best thermodynamic temperature properties for warm or cool climates. X-STATIC is safe and natural and will last the life of the product. The silver conducts heat and reflects it back to the body, or expels it. The silver stripes are actually pure silver, which is permanently bonded to the fibers within the fabric. These fibers cannot wear off or wash out, and will perform for the life of the garment.

Insport - Ultra 5 Short (Crystal) - Women'sThe workout improvement benefits you will feel include elimination of body odor, natural antimicrobial performance, evenly distributed body heat, and elimination of static. 

The full split side seam allows maximum freedom of movement and there is a large interior key pocket for storage. InSport has created gear using X-STATIC in women’s running shorts, women’s sport bras, and shimmels, and men’s running shorts.

InSport Cycling Offroad ShortInSport also manufactures cycling apparel that defeats your athletic enemies: pain and pressure. When you work out with intensity you are in training.  InSport has training apparel for all your workout needs that stretches evenly with your body movements. The fabric pulls moisture from your skin, stays dry and light. The apparel repels rain, resists wind, and breathes in any weather.  The cycling fabrics were designed with reflective piping, zipper flaps and locks, and flat lock stitching.  Made in America!

Insport Women's TankiniThe Frontrunner Stretch Tees by InSport are moisture wicking polyester micro fiber that not only provides stretch, but is durable and non-chafing, with flat seam stitching and semi form fitting for enhanced performance.

InSport's 2-N-1 short is quick drying polyester and is fully gusseted for comfort and unrestricted movement with drawstring at waist for a comfortable fit.

Royal Robbins clothing reflects the spirit of the international climber, kayaker, and outdoors sportsperson. The company was founded over 30 years ago. 

Royal Robbins Nox Denim Jacket - Women's Apparel Unable to find outdoors and travel clothing to fit his lifestyle, Royal — with his wife Liz — decided to design their own. Then, as now, the feel, fit, and attention to detail broke new ground. Today, Royal Robbins offers a full line of outdoors and travel clothing that draws on the adventurous and irreverent spirit of the founder.

Royal Robbins 48049 Windjammer Full Zip Jacket - Men's Apparel The Travelite Mini Ripstop Jacket from Royal Robbins is an Ultra-shed waterproof breathable jacket made of 100% micro fiber nylon with a durable water-repellant finish — the ultimate in waterproofing and stain resistance. The waterproof, micro porous coating, and fully taped seams, provide outstanding protection from rain and wind. The jacket is tear resistant, durable, and lightweight, and packs into a small pillow for travel comfort.

The adjustable elastic draw cord assures no wind whipping in loose areas, the same for the adjustable elastic cuff. The hood rolls up in the collar. The zip front has a storm flap, and the zip secure pockets assures that nothing rolls out.

Royal Robbins - Global Traveler Pant (Khaki) - Clothing Royal Robbin's Men’s and Women's Global Traveler Pants are light weight with the fabric utlizing Dot Matrix weave technology, assuring a high comfort factor. Dox Matrix certainly sounds computerized high tech, but what it really is are small dots created on the back of the fabric during weaving, thus creating an air gap between the skin and the fabric to keep the fabric from clinging to wet skin. The fabric is 100% dull nylon and weighs only 4.7 ounces, and features a Teflon stain resistant finish. There is a hidden zip secure front pocket, zip secure back pockets, and side cargo pocket. I really liked the articulated knees, kind of like a giraffe's knee. I got the color bark so I can sneak up on the rare Celtic corncrake in the Irish callows.

When the military or police or fire departments needs dependable flashlights they turn to Streamlight. Click photos for info and ordering.

Streamlight Stylus? LED Waterproof Penlights The Streamlight Stylus flashlight is a 100,000 hour solid state LED that never needs replacing, with the beam visible from over a mile away.  I used the Stylus not only in the outdoors, but in a dark restaurant; when my date couldn’t read the menu prices I used the constant on switching option to find out the entrée prices. That saved me more than the price of the Stylus!

The momentary blink is great for signally or for non-constant use and the batter proof aircraft aluminum casing is ideal for tactical use, with a versatile pocket clothing clip. Each light has an individual serial number so you know it is yours. The Stylus includes a glare guard. If you push the tail button you can get instant momentary lighting. Or rotate the tailcap for full “on” lighting; it takes 3 AAA batteries. The only maintenance is to keep the O cap and threads lubricated with silicon grease.  The warranty from Stresmlight is for a lifetime of use. Where can you get that any more?

Streamlight Twin Task 3aa White LED Flashlight Streamlight’s Twin Task 1-L flashlight is fairly new in the Streamlight lineup using Xenon. The Twin Task has super brightness and ultra long run time and uses one lithium battery for over 100,000 hours of LED. There are two light modes: LED or Xenon, with the Xenon draining the battery quicker than LED. The casing is anodized machine aluminum with virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens.  The Xenon bulb has a focus control that changes the beam from spot to floodlight. The flashlight is only about four inches long.

STR68200 STREAMLIGHT YELLOW 4AA LED PROPOLYMER LIGHTThe 4AA ProPolymer is a high performance flashlight that has dual LED or Luxeon with 10,000 hour super high flux Luxeon Star LED and is corrosion and impact resistant, again with Streamlight’s lifetime warranty. This is the light preferred by firefighters. The problem most firefighters have in an emergency situation is that regular batteries will ignite combustible gases. The deep parabolic beam generator produces long range brilliance — 3,500 peak beam candlepower, with 40 lumens typical. Support your local fire department and demand these flashlights that have a waterproof O-ring seal. They have a non-conductive case and are corrosion proof with unbreakable polycarbonate lens with scratch resistant coating, shock resistant, rubber hooded tail, and end push button switch.  Features a wrist lanyard connection. Power regulated LED provides maximum light output; 4AA Luxeon LED regulated run time. You can provide momentarily signally with the light as well.

STR72004 STREAMLIGHT BLACK KEYMATE LIGHT WITH BLUE LEDThe women really love the Key-Mate flashlight with 100,000 hours LED that never needs replacing.  The light includes four button cell alkaline batteries that last 20 times longer than normal batteries. The pocket-sized light is virtually indestructible, with machined aluminum anodized finish, O-ring sealed, and waterproof. The breakaway wrist/neck lanyard is included.

McNett Cubit is a packing organizer that is divine. The see-through mesh speeds unpacking and repacking at security checkpoints. Get the set of three packing cubes: one large: (13” width x 10”high x 4” diameter or 33 cms 25.4 cm x 10.2 cm) and two small (both 9”width x 61/2” high x 3 1/2 diameter or 22.9 cm x 16.5 cm x 8.9 cm).

Organize your clothing and travel accessories to make packing a snap (I mean zip.). Cubit is made of high quality construction; the mesh allows items to be IDed instantly. Helps reduce wrinkling and crushing of clothing, keeping them organized when traveling or living out of a suitcase. Cubit packing cubes are ideal for shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, socks, undergarments, and other necessities. Ideal for hard- or soft-sided baggage, wheeled carryons, or backpacks. Made with reinforced seams and sturdy zippers for durability.

Packing tip: To minimize wrinkles and maximize space, roll garments and pack snugly into Cubit Packing Cube Organizers. Organize clothing for different days or events. Mesh allows ventilation, even with damp clothing.

Mc Nett Sm Micronet TowelsMcNett also manufactures a MicroNet, Microfiber Towel that is ultra compact for camping, travel, and sports. It is velvet soft, super absorbent, fast drying; sizes: (10” x 20”), or medium (20” x  40”), and large (30” x 50”), each available in a variety of rich colors. 

Towel Care: Wash before use. Machine wash in cool water with like colors. Do not bleach. Wash dark colors separately. Hang to drive or machine dry with low heat.  It is the official travel towel of the Adventure Travel Society. A large MicroNet towel has the same performance as a standard bath towel and it absorbs five times its weight in water. Fast drying and hand wringing removes 90% of the water. Easy to clean. Includes a deluxe travel and storage bag.  Glides smoothly on wet skin. Enhanced capillary action speeds water absorption. It becomes softer and more absorbent with each washing. Specialized Microfiber weave is an effective yet gentle cleaner, which removes oil and dirt and perspiration from hands, face, and body. The thoughtfully designed bag has two large mesh zip pockets separated by a waterproof panel. Damp towels can dry without wetting other items while still in your luggage.

I was so happy to get two pairs of Thorlo Hiking Socks with Protection Level 1. Huh, I asked myself, what is Protection Level 1? I found out that Protection Level 1 is for moderate to hot weather hiking, with the sock designed for use on day hikes on flat or varied terrain. If you need more foot protection from impact then upgrade to Protection Level 2 socks, or better yet a Level 3.

Here is how the Thorlo Hiking Sock Levels work:

THORLOS Mini Crew Level 1 Level 1 — Hiker socks are made of lambs wool blend and are ultra light weight for day hikes and all weather.

Level 2 — Light Hiker socks are made of wool and silk and are moderately light weight for day hikes in all weather.

THORLOS Crew Level 2
Level 2 — Light Hiker socks are made of Coalmax for day hikes and moderate hot weather.

Level 3 — Hiker Wool Thor Lons are mid-weight for extended hikes in moderate to cold weather.

Thorlo Hiker Thorlon Sock Thick Cushioning kx
Level 3 — Hiker with Thor Lon are mid-weight for extended hikes in varied terrain in moderate weather.

Level 3 — Trekkers are made of Wool Thor Lon and are mid- to heavy-weight for extended hikes on rough and rugged ground in all weather.

Thorlo Women Running Mini Crew Level 3 - White/Grey jmm-11
Level 3 — Climbing socks are made of 6% wool Thor Lon and are heavy weight for mountaineering in extreme rugged country in extreme cold weather.

With the Coolmax and nylon blend construction you have superior wicking and comfort with great stretch but with a great fit and durability. They have heel and toe padding for protection against sheer and impact force.

There you go . . . Thorlo . . .!

— By Kriss Hammond, Editor, Jetsetters Magazine.