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One of my favorite adventure sports is small boat sailing, combined with beach camping and beachcombing — pulling into small coves or hidden estuaries where the fish are feeding at the flotsam line and then kayaking into a secluded beach area. Please click the photos.

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I finally came across a great pair of all purpose deck shoes for boating or angling, and if you love sailing or boating, you for sure will want a pair of Irish Setters Anglers boots with an Exclusive Anglers Whitewater sole.

I wish I had had a pair of Anglers while chartering the waters of the Virgin Islands recently; they are a stand up shoe in dry or wet conditions, with a multi-directional channeled sole, dispersing water and eliminating hydroplaning.

These are great deck shoes, slip resistant, non-marking and siped for traction. They have removable cushioned footbeds for a soft impact and an EVA mid-sole for shock absorption. The mono-flex shank provides extreme arch and foot support. For more information on irish Setters visit

I am now ready for the 30th Annual Bluewater Marlin Tournament August 18 on the Dreamwalker out of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, with Zen sailing master Jack. Read Zen Sail in a Tropical Gale.

Check it out.

Coleman Bluesprings Rectangular Sleeping Bag
COLEMAN OMNITEMP Once I kayak on to a beach, there are four things a "Survivor" must do in this order: "Shelter, Water, Fire, Food." I usually build a quick lean-to shelter from palm fronds or banana leaves that holds out the heaviest storm; then I unroll my Coleman Omnitemp 40/10 hybrid sleeping bag on a pile of banana leaves for comfort and support.

Coleman Hibernation Bag Coleman has been everyone's camping company as long as I can remember — back to the days of a tenderfoot Boy Scout. I have had dozens of sleeping bags, but Coleman's newest 40/10-hybrid bag is the lightest and most comfortable I have ever used. The 40/10 is the degree range, but in the tropics it is great because of the self regulating temperature control, allowing a range of uses in various climes. You can even vent just the foot area. I like the interior utility pocket for storing a midnight snack and the removable pillow cover is an added convenience. The Omnitemp is both a semi-mummy bag and standard sleeping bag and comes in several lengths.

Beach and Sport SandalsOnce I have my shelter set up, I slip on a pair of Teva flip-flop Elixir sandals for after surf or beach patrolling. Time to find a water source. I follow a small game trail through the jungle and keep mental notes. Wild pigs! Nothing beats Teva, one of my all time favorite footwear companies. I like the easy on/off Elixir's for around camp chores, but for farther expeditions across sharp lava black sand beaches or a`a lava I need something more durable,

I strap on a pair of buckleable Teva Spoilers. Even in the jungle heat Teva, with Microban protection, inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew that causes odor and stains. The Elixir and all Tevas have airmesh waterproof suede, nylon webbing, and Dri-Tec lining. I can chug through sand all day with the Elixir. The Spoiler is a true trekking sandal with side releasing buckles, keeping the foot snug, but comfortable with ankle support, built for hiking across rugged beach boulders.

Get Your Water Shoes Here I break through the jungle vines and come across a small stream. The air is now hot, humid, sweaty, sticky, and I need a shower, but there are no deep pools or waterfall.

Luckily, I brought along my handy lightweight Coleman camp shower with submersible pump. I stack a few rocks to make a small dam to pool the stream water. With the large, easy to locate foot operated on/off switch I have a great jungle shower. I hang the eight-foot long hose over a tree branch, allowing the ergonomic showerhead to wash away the heat, and it only uses 4 "D" batteries. What comfort. I even use it to wash camp dishes. Coleman 5-Gallon Camp Shower

After the shower, I fill my canteens and head back to the beach base camp. Then I unpack my lunch from the floatable Coleman cooler that I actually wheeled up on the beach, and over the rocks. The cooler stores my soon to be caught fresh fish and game.


Dive and Outdoor Knives I gather fire materials: palm fronds for fire starter, dried out in the tropical sun, some driftwood and broken undergrowth branches and start a fire in the beach sand. I then whip out my Sark knife from Emerson Knives, and hack open a water coconut. I only quench my thirst with water coconuts and use the canteen water for cooking. I never drink more than three or four water coconuts per day to avoid the runs.

Jungle and Survival Machetes The sharpest knife I ever owned was one my uncle ground down from an old sawmill planer blade. But a Sark is even sharper, made of rugged black metallic stainless steel, with a hefty weight to it for free diving for conks or sea urchins. The fixed blade is stiff when first used but snaps back easily, and is guaranteed for rugged use. The dual plain/serrated edge is great for cutting bait, stripping coconut husks, or cleaning small game. I always wash my Sark in fresh water and dry them in the sun, even though it is made of stainless steel. The Sark has a lanyard hole or clip it on your belt. I prefer a lanyard made of leather cord.


Coleman 4D Round Packaway LanternThe setting sun sizzles in the west. I set up my Coleman lanterns for light. I use the rechargeable twin tube florescent for base camp because of the two light settings for optimal run time. It holds up even in wet weather and recharges from 110 volts or a 12-volt source, with both cords provided. I can use this lantern for up to 6 hours, deep into the night, long after the coals have died down from my beach fire.

Get Your Outdoor Gear HereI use the Coleman Packaway lantern for night fishing jaunts on my sea kayak. It is a real space saver, rust resistant, even with saltwater spray, with a sealed dial switch and krypton bulb. Fish are attracted to the light or I use it when following spore along the wild boar game trails. Although not rechargeable, it has so many uses that I cannot count the ways.

Surviving in the beach jungle is more comfortable with my girl friend along. Most women do not think camping is romantic, but I found a great grassy knoll above the beach, soft with lemongrass. So I plan a romantic picnic lunch of roast wild pig, wine, cheese, dates, water coconuts, and coconut meat. But how to pack and present it to my girl friend in a romantic way


Get Your BBQ Gear HereWhen I came across the specialty basket maker Picnic at Ascot, I was truly delighted in the design and logic of their products, which the British have been familiar with for years. And new for the summer, following the success of their equipped picnic baskets, Picnic at Ascot introduced a line of insulated, lightweight, equipment picnic backpacks and coolers, made of sturdy 600-denier canvas with a water resistant PVC backing. The packs feature a Thermal Shield insulation system, emphasizing color (black, burgundy, green, or blue), coupled with a functional design.

Get your picnic gear hereI wish I had known about Picnic At Ascot for all those short hikes into the mountains, and bicycle jaunts down the beach on a one speed wide tired bike. There is a roomy insulated back section for sandwiches and a separate front section for packing picnic essentials. I particularly liked the insulated wine bottle pouch on the side and straps on the other side for a picnic blanket or lightweight jacket. Pack a lunch for 2-4 people. I especially liked these features: cutting board, cork stopper, and full utensils, including plates and glassware (stainless steel cups in the 2 person model). Other features include antique brass buckles, snaps, and zipper pulls.


I promised my girl friend a picnic at Royal Ascot with the Queen of England in 2002 for her majesty's Golden Jubilee in the Royal Family's Royal Enclosure, their private racing box. Entrance is by special permission and application. Write to Jean Inman, Office of Protocol, Embassy of the United States of America, 24 Grosvenor Square, London, W1A 1AE

Do you think the queen would like wild boar or fresh barracuda with her water coconuts?

— By Kriss Hammond, Editor, Jetsetters Magazine.