If you’re looking for a one of a kind dining  experience, you’ll just find it inside the shops at Crystal at Aria at  SHe by Morton’s in Las Vegas.  It is a classy, modern boutique steakhouse who’s off the chart ambiance, opulent decor, delectable cuisine, and impeccable service blends perfectly with their creative mixology  and DJ spinning music.  Not to mention the magnetic  energy that emanates from  the stunning high fashion models dancing, on the lighted catwalk for Fabrik Friday’s.  Our dining experience at SHe was  “electric.”

Trendy fashions on the runway.

In fact, that Friday night as we dined at SHe,  we witnessed the biggest electrical storm the Las Vegas Strip has ever seen.   The restaurant’s  floor to ceiling windows overlooking the huge fountains of the Aria, lit up the Vegas night, with jagged white lightning bolts crackling across the darkened sky.  The energy of the restaurant became lit from the outside ...in!  Our dining experience became magnetized with so many memorable moments.   I’m not sure where to begin.

The warm, fresh bread topped with a little salt served with honey and cinnamon butter was the first of many toe curling moments.  We  were seated  in the large C-shaped booth facing the huge floor- to- ceiling windows.   Mesmerized by the colored  lights of the fountains and darts of lightning that lit up the sky, I sipped  my martini, delighted by the way the evening began. 

A gentle breeze swirled around us.  I looked up to see a huge feathered fan appear magically over our heads.  It tickled a small giggle from inside me.   The fan moved gracefully around us and a beautiful platinum blond fan dancer, reminiscent of the the 20’s art deco era, began to sway in front of us.  Her costume was pure white satin and fit her artistic body with movie star aplomb.  Her flirtatious fan gestures tantalized our evening, as her vixen burlesque moves lit up the room like Marilyn Monroe.

Modernistic SHe at Morton's in Las Vegas.

SHe restaurant is a partnership between Morton’s Steak House and the movie star, Eva Longoria.  This blend of masculine and   feminine creates a perfect marriage for an evening out! Ironically, we were celebrating our wedding anniversary and for once neither of us had to compromise because of this magic blend!

Dessert Platter.

The Menu specifically highlights SHARING appetizers and MISBEHAVING desserts.  What a way to say “I do” again. 

We decided to share the crab cake mini’s with sun dried tomatoes, and caper lemon beurre fondue.  The dish disappeared far too fast.   We then devoured the crispy tempura shrimp with spicy aioli, sishito peppers and fresh lime. 

The appetizers teased our taste buds into wanting more.   And “more” we had.  Each succulent morsel passed the pleasure test between us.   What a delicious way to celebrate a special time.

Shared salads started our next savory delight.  I love fresh fruits in a salad and was thrilled with the sweet taste of their pear salad with saga blue cheese and candied pecans drizzled with a fresh vinaigrette dressing. 

My husband  loves Caesar salads and was happily impressed with SHe’s creation.  As we waited for our main course to arrive our attention was riveted to a live performance of dancing models swirling in chic fashions on a high lighted cat walk that meanders through the dining room.  The DJ’s music rocked the room.  It was so much fun to watch models that were truly dancers, instead of anorexic pencil thin mannequins stomping up and down. Their graceful swirls, and choreographed turns to the techno beat of club music left us spellbound. 

Extraordinary Crispy Tempura Shrimp.

The runway fashions were from Eccoci, a European inspired boutique store.  They  featured four designer collections in stunning colors, luxurious fabrics and modern styles.  My toes curled again as my husband squeezed my hand under the table in a tingling moment reminiscent of a first date pleasure.

Tasty Cupcake Martini.

The fan dancing, DJ music, electric storm, and fashion show were all SHARED pleasures and a  fabulous prelude to our main course. My husband’s He indulged in  the beef short ribs with chive potato puree drenched in wine gravy.  I concurred that the ribs were mouth watering.  My SHe center-cut filet was wildly tasty, tender and moist.  The side dishes of creamed spinach and wild mushrooms were scrumptious and flavorful. I nestled a little closer to my husband’s side in hopes to share a little more of his entree before he ravenously devoured it. 

Sweet Elixirs and a little Misbehaving completed our anniversary celebration at SHe’s.  My CUPCAKE MARTINI was the only thing that night I would NOT share.  The drink was a confetti of color mixed with cake vodka and vanilla syrup.  I felt selfishly indulged by the plethora of color, and decadent infusion of spirits.  Undaunted by my selfish behavior, my husband ordered his dessert and we ended our evening by totally misbehaving with our Goodnight Kisses of brown sugar meringues, dulce de Leche droplets, with a tropical flower gelee and bittersweet chocolate sauce.

SHe is chic.

SHe became our place “to BE” that Friday night.  The storm subsided by the time the last chocolate truffle was devoured. 

I surreptitiously uncurled my toes back into my designer shoes and somewhat gingerly inched my way out of the C-shaped booth.  Lingering for just a moment, holding my husband’s hand,  the electric glow of the evening cast a romantic hue over a room filled with beautiful people clinking glasses and sharing desserts.  

My toes still tingling from the evening delights.  I wondered if everyone elses SHARED pleasures were as delectable as mine?

Watch the SHE fashion show.
If you’d like an answer that question, I recommend SHe Restaurant at Crystals in the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas.  Let it BE your next dining moment to share.

Click the video graphic for the SHe Fashion show.

For more information or reservations, guests may call 702-254-2376, visit http://SHe-LV.com, follow SHe on Twitter @SHeLasVegas and become a fan on Facebook at http://Facebook.com/SHeLasVegas.

Shaved Hamachi.

— Feature by Janice Marie Wilson, Jetsetters Magazine Lifestyles Editor; photos courtesy of SHe.