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Worldwide Theme Park ToursDazzling and Dangerous at the Aquarium of the Pacific - Are you looking for a fun place to take the kids, parents or visiting relatives and spend a couple hours of real “quality” time?  Look no further than the amazing sights, sounds and textures at the waterfront Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California.

San Diego's Blooming Balboa Park - Up above the city of San Diego, close to the Charles A. Lindberg Airfield, is Balboa Park, one of the most unique large southern California city parks. There is more to do here for the kids and adults than many other attractions in the Southern California area.


Mighty Mo's Finally Docks In Pearl Harbor - How far can you throw a Volkswagen? Looming to your left, as the trolley bus crosses the bridge to Ford Island, is a ship that can throw nine of them – a long way, too.

You Should Be In Waikiki - The stunning azure blues and emerald greens of Oahu welcome visitors to the island and proclaim the natural beauty of this lush, luxuriant land. First-time visitors can expect to be impressed by the rolling mountain ranges that meet the crashing sea in a display of long-present tenacity, as well as the island locals who greet each visitor with a special brand of island hospitality called the "Aloha Way."

Big Island, Big Beach, Big Kahakai - Long ago Polynesians traveled the ocean searching for land. Suddenly, in the distant horizon the sky glowed red. Heading towards the light, these seafarers discovered the volcanic firework display of Hawaii's Big Island. Generations have passed but sparkling blue waters continue to lap over primal lava rocks, bubble across white, black and green sand beaches and splash up sheer cliffs for modern day seafaring visitors to enjoy.


Last Minute TravelSeattle TourSaver - Arm yourself with The Seattle TourSaver. Not just your average coupon book, The Seattle TourSaver contains 136 free and 2 for 1 vouchers worth up to $6,000 in savings.


High Plains Drifting - From the unblinking stone faces of Mount Rushmore to the wilds and wonders of Yellowstone, take a road trip across the High Plains and into and around Wyoming, stopping long enough to fly fish the Firehole. Jim Bridger ran the first marathon here with the Shoshones.


The Greatest Show On Earth - At The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art ( in Sarasota, Florida , you’ll see the genius behind “the greatest show on earth.”


Bahamas' Cable Beach Family Adventure - There are some great beaches in the world that are within or close to amazing cities. Waikiki, Ipanema, Bondi, and Malibu, and one you probably have not paid too much attention to, but it is actually one of the finest beaches in the world, with great things to do - Cable Beach, in the The Bahamas, surrounded by the capital - Nassau - and the former British outpost archipelago.



Ireland's County Clare Coastal Towns - The shores of western Ireland’s County Clare claim some of the best surfing in Europe, and some of the best Atlantic Ocean beachcombing. Great for families.

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Florida's Culture Coast - Sarasota - The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, the Baryshnikov Arts Center, the Sarasota community, and more than 100 artists from around the world joined creative forces to form a very rare U.S. event. The Ringling International Arts Festival is the name of this extraordinary happening where history meets the future.

Family Friendly HotelsGet Slimed at Nickelodeon Family Suites - Am I just a glutton for punishment? Children. I see them everywhere. Aren't mine enough? And this is what I wanted for my special Mother's Day present? I start to question my sanity as visions of gooey green slime dance in my head.

Universal WOW! in Florida - Universal Orlando is actually two theme parks — Universal Studios Florida and smashed next to it is Islands of Adventure. I discovered that getting from one ride to the next was easy, leaving more room for FUN!

The Happiest Place On The Planet - Disney - Growing up in  California   I remember my family trips to  Disneyland at a time when tickets corresponded to the first five letters of the alphabet. The most treasured tickets among these were the E-Tickets, which we used to ride  Space   Mountain  and the Haunted   Mansion   . To mark Southern California's  Disneyland 's 50th anniversary, Walt Disney World kicked off "The Happiest Celebration on Earth" in grand style at Disney theme parks around the world.


Air and Hotel PackagesMohican Country - Adventures In Ohio - Fall leaves skitter across the road while we drive through the beautiful forests and over a scenic river below a covered bridge. On our way to Loudonville we find the historic Pine Run Grist Mill where festivals are held annually.

Pure Pier Pleasure - Chicago's Navy Pier -
The most popular spot in Chicago during the summer — and really, anytime — is Navy Pier #2, drawing over 8 million people annually.

Titans of Tall - I meet the Chicago Line cruise boat on the North Pier Docks at River East Plaza, the oldest building on the river, and at only three stories, certainly not the giant that we will be photographing on the 90 minute summer time cruise. Cruises run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily; be sure to distinguish if you are taking an architectural river cruise or a historical lake cruise by checking


The Pleasures of Providence - “Providence,” the TV series, is no longer on the air but that’s even more reason you should plan a visit to see the real thing — a city that has enough attractions to keep any urbanite happy, but with a small-town feel that makes you instantly feel right at home.


D.C. Eden - Washington, D.C. offers numerous free museums for the family on the National Mall. Often overlooked is the amazing National Botanical Gardens, with species collected from around the world. Visit the Orchid Gardens, walk above the jungle, take in a learning seminar, or assist with staff members. It is your garden, afterall.

Grand Getaway at Grand Oaks in Branson -
How about a Branson “Get-a-Way”? The hustle and bustle of every day life can often take the pleasure out of happiness and  self fulfillment. This was the perfect opportunity and exactly what I needed to relax and actually partake in a stay that I would embelish in and remember for years to come.