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Beethoven Was Not Cute -
The Las Vegas Philharmonic treated its guests to a concert exclusively of works by this musical genius (Beethoven, not Schroeder). Ludwig von Beethoven wrote some truly heroic music in his time, and his talent made the composer’s contemporaries forgive his dour nature. As Schroeder indignantly corrected Lucy in the Peanuts comic strip, “Beethoven was NOT cute!”

100 Years Of Hoopla In Las Vegas - In 2005 Las Vegas turned 100 years old!  Our city has been celebrating all year, and amidst the hoopla, some special pieces of music were commissioned for performance by the Las Vegas Philharmonic.  These works are being premiered throughout the 2005-2006 season, adding to the world-class music the Phil has been performing for years.

We Came, We Saw, We Smiled -
Greek gods!  Beasts and birds!  Shenanigans!  Peace offerings!  Toga parties!  Tonight’s performance by the Las Vegas Philharmonic, titled “A World in Harmony,” was a veritable fun-house of images.  I’ll try to limit my use of exclamation points.

Music of the Spheres - Composers have long described the natural world in music: Beethoven wrote his sensual “Pastoral” Symphony, Stravinsky the tempestuous “Rite of Spring,” Led Zeppelin the “Misty Mountain Hop.”  (You may have different examples.)  Few, however, can surpass Gustav Holst’s spectacular suite, The Planets, performed tonight by the Las Vegas Philharmonic. 

The Stunning Romantics - Sibelius Violin Concerto - "Stradivarius" refers to an instrument crafted by Antonio Stradivari, born in Italy in 1644. He built cellos, guitars, and even harps but is best known for making the most distinctive violins in the world.

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2-1/2 Centuries Of Mozart Sonatas - In the midst of our city’s 100th anniversary, the Las Vegas Philharmonic is celebrating a much older one: the 250th birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  A veritable feast of the great composer’s works will be performed by the Phil at their February 25, 2006 concert, but tonight we were treated to a Mozart “snack” at a Cartier Connoisseur Soirée.

Sweet Strings Soiree - Four little strings can easily be swallowed up by the vast space of a concert hall, but in a more intimate setting the soft-spoken violin finds the perfect venue.  In tonight’s Cartier Connoisseur Soirée performance, held in the elegant home of Susan and Tom Schoeman, the great Bulgarian violinist Angel Stankov and Las Vegas pianist Barbara Riske filled our ears with sweet sound.

Home Grown Talent - Soirée season opened in grand style here in Las Vegas.  Make that concert-grand style.  Two brilliant young pianists were hand-picked by Las Vegas Philharmonic conductor Hal Weller for an evening performance in the lovely home of Larry and Linda Harrison.

Got Horns? - Just the other day I was downtown when I heard a distant trumpet.  Instantly I could tell it wasn’t a recording.  Sure enough, a street musician was performing two blocks away, and the breeze carried the clear notes easily to my ears.  It sharpened my anticipation for tonight’s performance, the final Soirée of the Cartier Connoisseur Series.

SHHH ! Genius At Work - Drawing on the success of the Las Vegas Philharmonic's Connoisseur Soirée Series, the Nevada School of the Arts held a special recital by several of its finest students. The event was held at the Spanish Trails Country Club to raise money for ongoing instructional programs at the school and increase awareness of the amazing talent that NSA has been nurturing for over 25 years in our city.

Ju Young Baek - No Sympathy for the Devil - Why Does The Devil Always Play A Fiddle? Violinist Ju Young Baek stood before the group of music lovers and introduced the first piece, a sonata for violin and piano known as Il Trillo del Diavolo — The Devil's Trill.

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